You’ve found me! A potter and workshop leader specializing in wheel-thrown, high-fire stoneware and porcelain.  After a time working back and forth between Miami, FL. and Arles, France, making pots for both of those markets I moved to Vermont five years ago. I work here as a production potter at Simon Pearce and produce a limited amount of personal work from my home studio.

My most primary materials are passion and intention in complex long term relationship with earth, water, fire, and spirit. The results of this happy collision are solid objects. each infused with love, and each with the overt and covert intention to enhance the lives of those who encounter and use them on a daily basis! I take deep artistic joy in producing functional and sculptural pottery for any occasion, be it gourmet meal prepared by a professional chef in a fine restaurant, or the simple, yet elegant ritual of the daily meal time shared between family and friends!

From the Artist

For me, pottery making is a metaphor for life. The process of transforming common clay through forming and fire provides endless joy and satisfaction. But the final satisfaction comes when the pot, whether sculptural or utilitarian, finds its end home in someone’s life. To conceive and produce custom handmade dinnerware for restaurants or individuals has proven to be one of the most satisfying experiences in my life.

Pottery making has taken me around the world in the nearly 30 years since I began my first apprenticeships, first with Charles Counts at Rising Fawn Pottery, in Rising Fawn, Ga., and later with Suzy and Nigel Atkins at La Potterie Du Don in Montsalvy, France. Still today, more than ever, I find my deepest joy in making pots that enhance the daily fabric of peoples’ lives. What greater, or more sacred privilege could a human being be given than this?