Work cycles and custom dinnerware sets

Beginning to load for the last firing before heading to France! Loading the kiln always marks the end of a cycle and the beginning of a new one. Life is full of such cycles, and as always, the potter’s craft provides adept metaphors and life lessons.



Firing dinnerware for Piripi, Zak and the Penningtons

Included in this firing will be the final pieces for the seminal Piripi Restaurant, newly opened in Coral Gables, some pieces for my dear friends at Zak the Baker in Miami’s Wynwood Art District, a dinnerware set for my lifetime friends, Tucker and Rebecca Pennington in Flintstone, Ga., the rest of a dinnerware set for my family, the Epples, in Pennsylvania, some special pieces for the mosaic developing on the front of Gumbo Limbo Gallery, by our very own featured artist and teacher, Jill Gerlach, a few random custom orders like two mugs glazed in Laura’s turquoise, and of course, new pieces for our gallery!