Heading for Residency and Exhibition in France

Miami based ceramic artist and Chattanooga, Tennessee native Jeff Rogers is headed to the South of France for a three month residency and exhibition this summer. Beginning in May he will produce pieces of ceramic art collaboratively with fellow ceramic artists from the Langedoc region of France. This will culminate in an exhibition in July at the historic Grand Hotel Nord-Pinus exhibition space in Arles. The exhibition, Earth by Fire: Ceramic Collaborations of Hand. Heart and Spirit, is scheduled to coincide with the renowned International Photography Festival in Arles. France, famous as the city that provided inspiration to painter, Vincent Van Gogh.

Of the exhibition Jeff says, “I am ecstatic for the opportunity to work with celebrated ceramic artists from France’s Langedoc region to create an entirely new body of work for exhibition!. There is a beautiful thing that happens when artists share and challenge one another with both ideas and new materials. No one knows ahead of time what will emerge!”.

Rogers, 51, has been a producing potter for nearly 30 years now and has traveled the world in pursuit of his craft. He came to Miami’s Little Haiti community after the devastating 2010 earthquake in Haiti to be closer to that country where he has invested a significant part of his life. In October of last year he co-founded Gumbo Limbo Pottery in Key Largo together with fellow potter and friend, Maite Oca, In recent years Jeff has focused his artistic efforts at creating custom dinnerware for both private and corporate clients, notably the Zak the Baker cafe in Wynwood and for the newly opened, much celebrated Piripi restaurant in Coral Gables. “What a privelege to work with a chef of the genius and talent of Piripi’s visionary chef, Najat Kaanache to make what are essentially canvases to highlight her magnicicent culinary creations!” says Rogers

“There is no greater joy and magic than reaching deep into ones soul to find that which connects with the soul of another and then to create from that and common clay something that will play an intimate part in countless lives going forward.”, says Rogers. “I cant wait to share with my counterparts in France’s Langedoc region to create that kind of magic together!”

Contact Jeff at 305 439 4540 or email Jeff at tiboutjeff@gmail.com for interviews or more details.

Photo credits for attached images or any images from our flicker account to Jill Gerlach please.